Broken Mountains Patrol

Iron Tavern BarrelThe pair of dwarves quickly move forward through the common room of the Iron Tavern, Baerun stands his ground as they draw closer, his face suddenly breaking out in a large smile as the pair are steps away.

“Thought ye’d seen the last ‘o us, did ye?” the first dwarf calls as he claps Baerun’s back with a blow that would have knocked the less hearty down. A wide-mouthed smile also breaks out across his face from underneath his beard.

The second dwarf pulls a stool out from the bar, the wooden legs scratching against the floor as he makes himself comfortable. “Expectin’ me to pour my own drink dere, Baerun?” he says as he leans forward elbows on the iron topped bar.

“Reggor.” Baerun says to the dwarf that clapped him on the back. “And Nortik, of course.”

“Have yerself a seat Reggor. I’ll pour ye a couple of ales.” Baerun continues, still smiling as he pulls a couple of mugs down from the rack overhead and begins filling them from one of the tapped wooden barrels marked C.A.

He places the overfilled mugs down before each dwarf each sitting at the bar.

“How was the trip across this time?” Baerun asks, wiping down the bar top. “Nip of fall is in the air, won’t be many more easy trips I reckon.”

“Ah, de’ mountain trolls gettin’ restless. Lotsa’ prints, probaby a trio ‘o dem. Nortik and me tried to track ’em a bit, but we lost ’em across a rock field. Maybe we’ll run into ’em on da way back.” Reggor replies, pushing an already empty mug away and nodding for another.

Baerun promptly offers another, following with a second for Nortik who is also pushing his empty mug back across the bar.

“Them trolls always causing concern in these parts.” Baerun replies. “Just part of getting the ore out of here. Hungry? I can have something made up for ye?”

Reggor and Nortik both nod.

Baerun scrawls something on a small piece of parchment and sets it on the ledge of a pass window behind the bar. A burnt, human sized hand takes the slip of paper from the ledge and disappears from sight.

“It’ll be ready in a bit.” Baerun says to the pair of dwarves as he walks back to you at your end of the bar.

“Sorry ’bout that. Old friends!” Baerun says as he passes another mug of ale along to you. “Who are they ye ask?”

“I told ye that the dwarves patrol the main road to the mine earlier, eh?” Baerun replies.

“Those two are part of the patrol. Once winter hits the patrols will stop, though a trading caravan or two might try to pass through if they are desperate. They will have their own guards along of course knowing the dwarves don’t patrol in the winter.”

“Reggor and Nortik are some of the toughest, that’s why they travel with just themselves. Those prints of three mountain trolls they found? Lucky for them trolls that those two didn’t find them! Sometime I will see if I can get them to tell you some of their stories, they have some good ones!”

“Fact, if you are looking to head to the mines on your business you might be able to tag along with those two. I could put in a word for you if yer interested. Safest passage yer likely to see!”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, looks like their food is up.” Baerun says as he looks at the pass through window and sees two heaping plates of food sitting there.

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  1. Just found your site and like it alot. Question: the Barrel image you used on the Broken Mountains Patrol post is it availabe for me to use?
    Is there an artist or is itjust a random image from the net? Thanks for your time. Cheers Rick.

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