Who Is IronWolf?

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This blog is approaching its one year anniversary next month. It has been a good time writing the various articles here, exploring different fantasy RPG systems, reviews and other RPG related commentary. The Iron Tavern may just celebrate the upcoming anniversary with some form of contest next month! But that is not today’s topic.

When I started writing here I did so under the pseudonym of IronWolf. I have used that name in most RPG related places I have signed up with if it was not already taken. IronWolf was the name of one of my very first D&D characters. Many will also recognize it as the last name of the infamous Morgan Ironwolf, also from the D&D Basic Sets!

However, as time has gone on and my more frequent usage of Google+ I have become more accustomed to using my real name. The mixing of using my alias from various forum sites as my posting name here has also generated confusion on more than one occasion from someone not making the connection.

With much consideration and thought I think it is now time to bring things together under my real name as opposed to my posting alias. As my online social circles grow, The Iron Tavern grows in active readers and contribution credits increase I believe this consolidation will help keep things together a little better.

My posts here at The Iron Tavern will no longer appear as being authored by IronWolf, but as Jeffrey Tadlock now.

I have updated the About page here at The Iron Tavern to reflect the real name and added a few more things about me there. I have also updated my Twitter profile to display my real name as well, though my Twitter account is still under @ir0nwolf. I have also added more contact information to the About page to make reaching me easier.

4 thoughts on “Who Is IronWolf?

  1. I have been Shorty for so long now, that when I send out friend requests, on facebook and the like, the most common reply is, ‘I never even knew your real name, and then some cat asks to be my friend with you in the background’. maybe one day I’ll be known by my given name, but I can’t imagine it happening for a while.

    I do like how many gamers end up with nick-names from actual play.

    • Nicknames are great and IronWolf won’t be completely disappearing. It was just starting to make less sense for this blog. It is fun getting introduced at gaming conventions as IronWolf!

      I think Google+ has helped desensitize me to using my real name at various places on the Internet.

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