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Castles and Crusades Players Handbook CoverI just received an email tonight that Troll Lord Games is running a 40% off sale over at RPG Now. The sale is to celebrate the launch of their most recent Kickstarter for Codex Celtarum. The Codex Celtarum is a 144 page book for Celtic Mythology and includes over 150 new spells and more for your Castles and Crusades game. Castles and Crusades is of course a rules-light fantasy RPG game making use of the Siege Engine.

In addition to offering a large portion of their catalog at 40% off, they are also offering a bundle where any purchase of the Players Handbook comes with a free copy of Gods and Monsters.

Whether you are an existing player of Castles and Crusades or a new to the system, this is a great sale to take advantage of to build up your collection!

4 thoughts on “Castles and Crusades Sale

  1. You talk about the game as though you assume readers will know WHY it is worth picking up at 40% off. To me, it just looks like yet another FRPG.

    Why buy it?

    • Heh! I should have linked to one of my earlier Castles and Crusades post in the sale post! Most of what I have to say about C&C is here:

      I think it is a good system for those who have their roots firmly entrenched in D&D and AD&D and want that feel with a modern mechanic. The lack of feats, complex skill systems and such in C&C help give it the more unified mechanic feel without being burdened with a lot of overhead that turns the game into one of picking feats and builds.

      • You see, that’s a useful link. Thanks!

        I think, like you, I am hankering back to simpler days (perhaps an odd assertion from the Rolemaster guy, eh?). If you really think it’s worth a look then… Well, maybe.

        Game on!

        • Thanks! I definitely should have made reference to the previous blog post!

          There is some more info on Castles and Crusades in “sound-bite snippets” at the Troll Lord site too if you are trying to make a decision:

          I can see a person having a couple of different games in their go-to stable that hit different marks. Sometimes you want what one game offers and at other times you want some other niche. Castles and Crusades is looking to be the system that scratches my Pathfinder/3.x itch with less investment in rule overhead.

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