Random Table: Coin Descriptions

Coin PileI missed the random table last week, I was recovering from Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day and the trio of posts I did for that! The random table returns this Thursday though, with the 10th installment!

This week I present 20 coin descriptions. Coins of some form are nearly always part of the most recent treasure stash. So often these are just listed off as 23 gold pieces or 63 silver pieces. Sometimes a GM might want to spice that up a bit. Or perhaps a coin the character gets back in a tavern has something unique about it. In either case these coin descriptions can help.

The type of coin has been left for the GM to decide. These descriptions can be used with any variety of coin.

The Iron Tavern welcomes suggestions for next week’s random table. If you have suggestions for next week’s table feel free to leave a comment to this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Coin Description
1 an embossed leafy vine circles the outer edge of the coin on both sides, one side depicts a thick forest and the other a mountain side
2 a dwarf head with shaved pate and long beard on one side and a pair of crossed hammers on the other
3 the coin is square, the obverse side shows a three tiered fountain, the reverse a stone pillared temple
4 only a 1/2″ in diameter the visage of a long haired man with beard is on the obverse side and a lone tower on the reverse
5 perforated coin, 3″ in diameter, both sides have an embossed swirling pattern on it
6 outer edge of coin is raised, a moose adorns the obverse side, a hunter’s bow and arrow on the reverse
7 a thin coin with serrated edges, the obverse side depicts a bearded man with a crown, the reverse the palace of a capital city
8 a rectangular coin, one side depicts a wide palace, the other a dozen knights on horse with lances charging across a field
9 this oversized coin is thick, the obverse side has a chalice carved into it, the reverse a platter of food
10 An apple tree is embossed on one side of the coin, a harvest basket on the reverse
11 a thick oval coin, a set of scales is embossed on the obverse side and a stack of coins on the reverse
12 a large ziggurat is on one side of the coin, a winding river on the other side
13 triangular coin, the obverse side depicts a wishing well, he reverse a crescent moon
14 thin coin with a wreath around an elven featured face on one side and a tall tree on the other
15 a long haired woman holding a staff is on one side of the coin, an owl perched on a branch is on the other
16 near 2″ in diameter and edged like a gear, the obverse side depicts a siege engine, the reverse a catapult
17 thin coin depicts a bird on a small branch with a nest in the crook of a tree, the opposite side depicts three, tall stemmed flowers
18 thicker on one side than the other, the coin depicts a single dwarven rune on one side and an axe on the other
19 an oval coin, a three-masted sailing ship on high seas is embossed on one side and a lighthouse on a cliff on the other
20 a square hole is in the middle of this round coin, runes from an ancient language circle the coin on both sides