Episode 5: Out of This World

dcc_rpg_cover_small‘Out of This World’ is the fifth episode of a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG actual play podcast. Additional information can be found at http://irontavern.com/podcast.

Session Synopsis

The adventurer’s continue their search through the wizard’s tower in search of the elusive Emirikol. Making their way through rooms that appear to jump from level to level in the tower the party eventually finds their way to the wizard’s main chamber.  Mass chaos erupts with a stunning finale as the characters spellburn their way out of a hot spot.

 Spoiler Warning: This session concludes our play through of Emirikol Was Framed by Michael Curtis from Goodman Games. If you do not want to hear potential spoilers for that module, you might want to skip this episode.

Download Link: http://irontavern.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Episode-5.mp3


Intro and outro music is ‘Wrecking Ball’ from 137 from http://music.mevio.com.

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