Mini Review: The Fantastical Creatures Colouring Book

The Fantastical Creatures Colouring BookPurple Duck Games recently released The Fantastical Creatures Colouring Book. Just as the name describes this product is a coloring book. This PDF contains 28 images ready for coloring and is priced at $2.

All of the artwork is done by Gary Dupuis. The coloring sheets are the line art illustrations Gary drew before reaching the coloring stage in prep for the Monsters of Porphyra product from Purple Duck Games.

The coloring book is full of a variety of creatures and scenes. From dragons of water, to mechanical men to underdeep terrors there is something that will likely catch you interest.

I am a big fan of coloring books with a fantasy theme. Back on Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day I picked up the S&W coloring book on a good discount. When I saw this one, I was happy to receive a copy of it to review. I think coloring books are a great way to spark a kid’s imagination or to pass the time away as adult.

Since I’ve had the coloring book a couple of my family members have been coloring away. First, my daughter and then my wife took an interest. Below are just some of the samples from the book.

The product is available from, RPGNow, or Paizo.