Dungeon Crawl Classics Kickstarter

The folks over at Goodman Games have a Kickstarter running to help fund the swag for the World Tour 2014. What is a World Tour?

Last year Goodman Games offered some promo items for folks running Dungeon Crawl Classic games open to the public. The judges running the game could sign up to receive some swag in the form of bookmarks, buttons, con ribbons, mechanical pencils, etc. When the game was complete the judge could submit the event to Goodman Games and receive cooler swag for themselves. T-shirts, transfers, the infamous belt buckle, and a secret prize if you hit nine games or more.

The World Tour is in effect for 2014 as well. Word is a certain Spellburn acolyte already has 5 games under her belt! To help fund the swag for this years World Tour Goodman Games started up a Kickstarter. From the blurb:

Send DCC RPG on a 2014 World Tour! Fund swag, travel, and games across the known universe, including the epic Wizard Van!

The goal here is to get enough orders for various swag items to bring down the manufacturing cost to allow the production of more items at about the same cost. Most folks know the more you make of something, the cheaper it gets. So while an order of 100 might cost $100, an order of 1000 might only cost $120 (I made these numbers up to make the point). If Goodman Games gets the order quantities up for a lot of these items, that lets us get some cool swag and helps them be even more generous with it during the World Tour this year.

The Kickstarter page has the full list of items, but they have everything from buttons to bookmarks to mechanical pencils to pads of 0-level character sheets, and more.

Stretch goals range from sweet blacklight posters, custom character sheet pads, to a Wizard Van for Goodman Games.

To help out the effort Purple Duck Games has contributed Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror, The Falcate Idol, and The Perils of Cinder Claws. Folks that pledge $25 or more are eligible for these PDFs.

So swing on over to the Goodman Games Kickstarter pickup some swag for yourself and help Goodman Games with World Tour 2014! You have about 10 days left!