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DCC RPG Rulebook Cover w-HeadphonesThe most frequently asked question I get at The Iron Tavern is whether I am going to finish releasing the remaining sessions of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Actual Play with Satan’s Glee Club. Embarrassingly the last release was Episode #22 back in early September. Time got away from me!

With a few days off over the holidays I decided to binge edit some audio to help sate some appetites for the conclusion of the series.

I did this for a couple of reasons, mainly, so that people wouldn’t be afraid to start listening again only to have a long lapse between episodes. The current lapse was long enough and I didn’t want that to happen again. As I type this every single remaining game tape has been edited and the associated blog post typed up and sitting in drafts.

There are eight more episodes remaining in the series (ending at Episode #30). Starting on Monday, January 5th I will be releasing one episode per week. So be prepared to get your fill of the antics of Satan’s Glee Club. There is some good stuff ahead! I found myself chuckling many times as I was listening to the audio during the edit process.

New Folks

Dungeon Crawl Classics has really seen an uptick in interested folks it seems over the past six months or so. So if you are late to the podcast, this is actually a good point to jump in. While it is in the closing portions of the campaign, the extended break in release schedule happened at a good point.

A short summary of current events in the campaign is in order (and perhaps even useful to long time listeners). Dandelion (an elf) had a child, Abishag, who was kidnapped by someone. The group suspects a wizardess they had done battle with in the past. With a previous assault on the tower less than successful, the group enlisted the help of the Great City’s Thieve’s Guild to gain access to Overlord’s stronghold. Leotah was known to make somewhat regular visits there and they suspected it would be easier to approach her there than at her own tower.

That is where the series picks up, with the group gaining escort through the sewers to the Overlord’s stronghold. There the group hopes to deal with the Overlord and exploit a possible weakness of Leotah to get Dandelion’s daughter returned to her.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming episodes as the roll out!

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  2. Love the actual play podcast! I hope it continues and I look forward to hearing more adventures from the most chaotic group in the world

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