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For a little Thursday fun for people playing games online with Roll20, let’s hear what your Roll20 stats look like! Specifically, how many hours have you played using Roll20? I noticed this little piece of information a few weeks back when I was prepping my Shudder Mountain DCC campaign. I thought it would be interesting to see how much Roll20 time other people have logged.

Here is how to check your stats.

  • Login to
  • On the upper right portion of the screen, choose My Profile
  • Just below your name on your profile page, you will see a line that includes when your account was created and how many hours you have played.

Something like this:


Looks like I started using Roll20 back in June of 2012 and have logged 262 hours of play time since then! Just for those curious, the vast majority of those hours have been running Dungeon Crawl Classics games, but I’ve also logged some hours running Labyrinth Lord one-shots and playing in Dungeonslayers, Swords & Wizardry, and Labyrinth Lord games as well.


I haven’t run a contest at The Iron Tavern for well over a year, so let’s turn this into a bit of a contest. Post a comment here with the amount of time you have logged on Roll20. Only comments on this blog post will be considered for entry. Feel free to mention what you’ve been playing as well, I’m curious.

On Monday (2/16/2015) I will compile a list of comments and randomly select 3 winners who can choose to receive one PDF product selected from The Iron Tavern Press offerings at RPGNow.

Two of the three drawings will only include people who have logged hours on Roll20. Please be honest. But if you haven’t played on Roll20 yet and have no hours logged, post in the comments 0 hours and I will still include your name in the 3rd drawing.

19 thoughts on “Roll20 Stats Contest

  1. I have 72 hours logged into Roll 20 with all of those being the last DnD campaign. I start a DCC campaign around the first of March, so looking forward to seeing those hours roll on.

  2. Mine says 4,106 hours. Now I play a lot of games on Roll20 but that is a little ridiculous. I think it is because I work on campaigns here and there on my desktop and leave the webpage up, sometimes continuously for days at a time.

  3. From the line under my name and the mentor status it says:
    Member since 02/23/13 / G GM of 10 campaigns / 576 Hours Played / 12 Forum Posts
    Neat little piece of info. Thanks for showing me how Jeff!

  4. I have the following:
    “Member since 07/16/12 / GM of 9 campaigns / 261 Hours Played”
    I’m happy to say that those are all DCC hours =)

  5. Just over 1,200 hours played. Probably three times that if I included my time spent working solo on the Power Card scripts.

  6. Dra8er
    Kickstarter: Backer
    tMember since 07/27/12 / G GM of 1 campaigns / 7,881 Hours Played / 39 Forum Posts

  7. I run most of my games around a table, but I have managed to log in 94 hours on Roll20.

  8. Interesting how time flies when you’re having fun!
    I can’t believe it’s already been 55 hours for me.
    I started 10 months ago when I joined a Microlite20 campaign. We only played every other week… Maybe I once forgot to log out or something?

  9. Member since 06/17/12 / G GM of 4 campaigns / 115 Hours Played / 3 Forum Posts

    Seems like I have played more than that but I know I have struggled to get a consistent game running for over a year now.

  10. t Member since 07/15/12 / G GM of 2 campaigns / 261 Hours Played / 0 Forum Posts
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