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DCC RPG Actual Play Podcast

Welcome to the Dungeon Crawl Classics Actual Play podcast brought to you by The Iron Tavern and Spellburn!

A frequent request of the Spellburn podcast was to host an actual play podcast of some of our Dungeon Crawl Classics games. While there are a few one-off actual play podcasts from other sites on the Internet, none regularly post actual plays of DCC RPG.

We at Spellburn have balanced audience requests with what we realistically as a podcast team have time for outside of our normal recordings. A possible solution presented itself when one of my players began recording our game.

I will pilot hosting an actual play DCC RPG podcast here at The Iron Tavern loosely affiliated with the Spellburn podcast. The game I judge for is a regular game and is the best candidate at the moment for an actual play podcast trial.

Campaign Background

The DCC Campaign this podcast is based on has been running since August of 2012. Our player base is relatively stable with a core group who have been with us since the start of the campaign. A handful of others drift in and out of the game as their real life schedule permits – though even these players have been around since near the beginning of the campaign.

Our games are played using Roll20 integrated into Google+ Hangouts. Our sessions are two hours in length. We typically play once a week, but there is the occasional cancellation when real life intervenes with our schedule. We rarely miss more than one week in a row.

The core group of characters is 4th and 5th level. Our current character replenishment option includes bringing hirelings on and leveling them occasionally as the campaign progresses. This option seems to have worked best for us so far. This leaves us with some 0-levels, 1st levels, and 2nd levels still in our character pool.

The game centers around the Sunken City (courtesy Purple Sorcerer Games) and The Great City. The Sunken City lies to the south of the Great City and is the region where the swamps have been reclaiming the southern portion of the Great City over the centuries. This has led to a gradual movement of the Great City growing northward while its south wards are reclaimed by the swamp.

The adventurers have ventured forth into the southern swamps, up the northern coast, to the mountains several days to the east, and even onto the sea in the west. At times they use “sending stones” as a means of transportation and at other times they choose overland travel. The “sending stones” are usually random in nature, but Meffridus possesses a magical item that allows him some control over where they take the party.

The party has interacted with several patrons and has a knack for leaving these interactions owing a favor to them. This has led to several favors being paid back and an undercurrent of plotting against certain patrons.

Recent campaign events that still have spotlight are the acquisition of the Temple of the Moon, a large ziggurat within the Great City with ties to Mani, the moon goddess and sister of Carnifex. The party has been working on renovating the temple after their takeover of the structure. This includes restoring the services to Mani and rebuilding the congregation.



A fair amount of time is spent getting an actual play podcast cleaned up to some degree and out to the public. The Iron Tavern is considering the early episodes as pilots. Feedback will determine whether we keep putting them out or whether we stop production of an actual play podcast.

If you want to see these continue – be sure to post feedback on the episode’s blog post or email jeffrey@irontavern.com.


Intro and outro music is ‘Wrecking Ball’ from 137 from http://music.mevio.com.

22 thoughts on “Podcast

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  6. Love listening to these and look forward to them. Great Judge, great players and great campaign and characters. Please continue!

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  9. Thank you for these interesting and entertaining podcasts. The players have really built up (With a great GM) a campaign setting with a lot of potential ( and potential enemy’s). Would love to see how it all unfold’s for them.

  10. Jeffrey: This is a great podcast and I hope to see it continue. It is one thing to read the DCC rules, read blogs about how the game is supposed to run, and all the cool-aid drinking on websites but to listen to these actual play podcasts has been the most useful of all. It really brings out how the game plays and the group you have is a great combination of players who have a lot of fun with the game. Keep up the good work, it really is appreciated and enjoyed.

  11. Dang entertaining! Nice to hear how Jeffrey rules some things. I can safely say my chaotic group has been deemed Neutral. Sure hope a few more podcasts get shared. Awesome.

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  19. Love this podcast. I have never actually played the game but Iron tavern brings it to life in such a special way that I am reminded of the old radio serial broadcasts of the 30s and 40s. I am in great anticipation of how the characters manage to make it through each experience in tact or not. Keep up the good work all.

  20. I’m late to the party as usual, but I just have to let you know that I am seriously enjoying these podcasts. I sure hope you’ll continue to record and post them.

  21. This is by far my favorite actual play podcast. This is the only ap podcast that I have kept on my phone after listening to every episode. Wish there was more!! Bong u rock!!!

  22. Finally had a chance to finish off the run of episodes. Great stuff! Went out with a bang! I would love to hear s new campaign where the same players start new zero levels!

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