By Way of Introduction

The name is Alan Kellogg, you may call me Mythusmage. I’ve been  around since 1954, with my first RPG being D&D in 1975. Currently a blogger and now revising and expanding the Mythus RPG for eventual self-publication sometime around 2015. I’m opinionated, and ready to post in this blog on various matters, most of which will have something to do with roleplaying games.

Among the subjects to be covered; roleplaying, games, game balance, storytelling, presentation, player-GM interaction, goals, success, and failure. My take on these subjects do differ from that of other people, so be expected to disagree. I am looking forward to substantial discussions, but please don’t flat out contradict me without showing some sign you know what you’re talking about. Above all, no profanity. Explain yourself, and understand that I’m trying to explain myself the best I can. Above all, just because I disagree with you is no sign I must be wrong.

Coming up in the future here are some post topics I have in mind.

  1. How it’s not a game.

  2. Why story has nothing to do with RPGs

  3. Encouraging participation without insisting on balance

  4. Goals vs. victory conditions

  5. Taming the wild ego freak

  6. Engaging the players

  7. What to do when the kobolds kick your butt

More coming, and I look forward to suggestions from you. See you in a week’s time.


Alan Kellogg. I am a blogger and a gamer, and I opine on various subjects and topics. I believe that you should do your best at what ever you do, and I refuse to cheat on your behalf simply because you refuse to try. Personal initiative is what I believe in, and I’ll do what I can to make your adventures interesting. Demand special treatment for any reason and you’re apt to get stomped on by your enemies and opposition. Give it an honest try, and while you may not succeed, others are apt to extend you some respect.

I live in San Diego CA, have been gaming since 1964 (board games) and 1975 (RPGs). Have credits in Dangerous Journeys: Mythus and have helped out with a few other projects (Charlemagne’s Paladins for TSR for instance). Currently working on a revision of Mythus for possible publication.