Are you interested in showing your support for The Iron Tavern? While running an RPG blog is not the most expensive endeavor money raised by the blog help pay for the hosting costs and allow the purchase of materials for reviews.

There are several ways to support The Iron Tavern doing things you normally do. The Iron Tavern has affiliate relationships established with RPGNow/DriveThruRPG, Amazon, and our current hosting service. Regular readers have likely noted the use of affiliate links used here when products available on RPGNow are mentioned.

Here are the three easy ways to support The Iron Tavern.


RPGNow and DriveThurRPG both have friendly affiliate terms. When following product links from blog posts to RPGNow or DriveThruRPG a certain percentage of that sale comes back to The Iron Tavern. This has been the primary way I have kept materials in hand for review and even run some of the contests hosted at The Iron Tavern.

The next time you head to RPGNow or DriveThruRPG, swing by here and use one of the banners below to get your shopping trip started to help out The Iron Tavern!


The Iron Tavern also is enrolled in Amazon’s affiliate plan. While I post far fewer links to products at Amazon, anything you purchase after clicking through – RPG related or not – helps send some affiliate money to The Iron Tavern. So next time you need something from Amazon and you’d like to help out The Iron Tavern, come on by and click through the Amazon banner!


The Iron Tavern moved hosts a little over 1 year into its existence. has been providing the hosting for The Iron Tavern. During this time I have been very happy with the service in performance, reliability, and customer service. Of the low-priced hosting providers I have used in the past HostGator is at the top of the list.

If you find yourself looking for hosting for your own blogging endeavors, gaming site, or non-RPG site take a look at HostGator. If you sign up for their service through The Iron Tavern’s affiliate link the blog will receive funds from that sign-up. Just use the banner below.

HostGator Banner





I try to keep advertising to a minimum and keep things subtle so as not to distract from your experience at The Iron Tavern. My thanks to anyone that chooses to help The Iron Tavern financially by utilizing one of the affiliate links above!

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