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Welcome to my blog, The Iron Tavern. My name is Jeffrey Tadlock and I write many of the articles authored here. You can also find me on several social media networks. On Twitter you can find me as ir0nwolf and you can find me here on Google+.

I have been playing roleplaying games since 1980-81 from the time I started with the Moldvay Basic D&D Set. This was my gateway into the world of fantasy roleplaying games. Over the years I have played Basic D&D, 1st Edition AD&D, 2nd Edition AD&D, 3.x Edition D&D, slight dabbling in 4e and now a regular Pathfinder player. I have also recently started playing and running Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG games.

While fantasy roleplaying games are my system of choice I have also played Twilight 2000, Shadowrun, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and several others over the years.

I am currently running an online Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign via Roll20 that has surpassed one year in length. With local groups I roam between DCC RPG games, OSR systems (Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord), and the occasional science fiction system.

RPG Credits

I do have a few RPG related credits to my name in either the form of writing, proofing, or mapping.

I hope you enjoy your time at The Iron Tavern where you can expect to find a variety of posting relating to roleplaying games and other closely related topics. Enjoy your time here!

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There are several ways of contacting me at The Iron Tavern. Feel free to use any of the following means to reach me. Topic ideas, review requests, or just comments in general are welcome.

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About The Iron Tavern

The Iron Tavern sits in the Red Mountain Pass within the Broken Ridge Mountains. A rapidly moving mountain stream flowing through over rocks as it makes its way through the pass. Clusters of fir trees fill the pass providing a break from the winds that push their way through the pass.

The Iron Tavern is the last remaining structure in the pass, though a handful of overgrown stone foundations are within a stone’s throw of the Tavern. The Iron Tavern itself is well kept, though showing its age. A laid stone walkway leads up to the large porch on the two-story building, the boughs of the nearby firs hanging low.

The Tavern is made of massive, aged timbers and banded on the corners with iron brackets stained a rusty orange from the mountain weather. A similarly stained large iron door offers egress to the Tavern guarded by two oversized lanterns. A placard hangs off-kilter from the eaves of the porch roof, the name “Iron Tavern” burned into the weather stained wood in an arc over an anvil with a jagged peaked mountain in the background.

Inside the Tavern one finds a smallish common room with a single large table in the center and many smaller tables along the walls to provide patrons a place to rest their travel worn legs. A sturdy bar occupies a portion of the back wall. The bar itself is made of large planks of fir wood, but the bar top is a flat surface of iron, years of use evident on the old but well maintained surface. A rack of mugs hangs from above the bar with a swinging door leading further back into the depths of the Tavern.

The proprietor of the establishment works behind the bar, an older dwarf with the evident beginnings of gray starting in his beard, adorned with various beads and such. His long hair is tied back with a brown, leather thong to keep his hair from his eyes as he wipes down a mug, stepping up on a stool to hang it from the rack. The dwarf seems to have a pleasant demeanor giving a nod in your direction as you come into the Tavern and issuing a greeting.

“Welcome to the Iron Tavern of the Red Mountain Pass! The name is Baerun Ironforge!”


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Outland Arts

Some artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission.

I always leave the artist’s initials in the artwork, William McAusland’s excellent art is identifiable by the initials ‘WM’ in most of his pieces used here. Iron Tavern Press uses much of William McAuslands’s work in its promotional ads.

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