A Look Ahead – 2012

The Iron Tavern opened its doors in late August this year. While I still believe The Iron Tavern is still finding its niche, I have been very pleased with how the blog has progressed over the past few months. It has provided an outlet for me to post various thoughts, advice, reviews, and a small amount of fiction.

I wanted to take a few moments to look at the year 2011 in review and then look at where The Iron Tavern will head in 2012.

Popular Posts

What follows are the top five popular posts since The Iron Tavern opened earlier this year.

It appears that my early posts on game systems such as The One Ring by Cubicle 7 and Pathfinder articles that posted very quickly after initial release of the product in question were quite successful.

Referring Sites

I did modify this list slightly in that I removed Google as a referring site from the list below. The top three are not any real surprise. Facebook has been good to me, usually traffic from publisher sites when I post something about their product and they link to it from their Facebook page. The Paizo.com hits are typically from review links in their review section. Twitter reflects tweets I make announcing new posts here at The Iron Tavern.

  • Facebook
  • paizo.com
  • Twitter
  • ulisses-forum.de
  • tanelorn.net

Top Search Terms

The following are the top ten search terms that have been used to reach The Iron Tavern. The One Ring is a very popular term. Between the pre-review look at The One Ring, the unboxing and The One Ring review I get a lot of visitors through those terms. Merisiel and Valeros terms are typically landings on my Pathfinder Minis unboxing article.

  • the one ring rpg
  • merisiel
  • one ring rpg
  • the one ring rpg review
  • valeros
  • one ring “feat dice”
  • pathfinder miniatures
  • pathfinder battles
  • dice for the one ring
  • “the one ring” rpg

All in all, I am happy with how The Iron Tavern has done in the short time it has had its doors open. And that leads us to…

The Year Ahead – 2012

As I have noted, I have enjoyed my time putting up posts at The Iron Tavern and I am looking forward to the year ahead.

Early on I had intended to put out three blog posts per week. I did not quite hit that rate in 2011 and I am planning on scaling that back to two posts per week as my goal. I have been pursuing a freelancing goal a little harder recently and that has taken time from blog posts. I value this outlet though and realize a blog that is to be followed needs regular updates. I am sure there will be weeks that I exceed that rate, but my goal is two posts per week.

When The Iron Tavern opened its doors I posted that I would post commentary on gaming, fantasy RPG systems, product reviews for various systems. I also said I would post fiction covering The Iron Tavern and its occupants from the fictional slant. 2011 was pretty light from the fiction side of things. I plan to continue product reviews, commentary and such and I hope to increase some of the fiction pieces that hit the blog as well.

And finally, I put this blog up under a minimum of trappings. There are not a lot of graphics that adorn the site and I would like to pursue a masthead that represents The Iron Tavern and spices the site up a bit. I am not certain if this will be through some form of contest or whether I will commission some art at some point this year.

Here is to another successful year at The Iron Tavern in 2012! I hope you enjoy your stay!

3 thoughts on “A Look Ahead – 2012

  1. Congrats on your success in 2011, and here’s to more and bigger things in 2012! Looking forward to the fiction in particular. I used to contribute to a joint fictional tavern setting based on Mordheim – “The Twisted Goat” – and it was great fun!

  2. Thanks! I do hope to add some more fiction this year. I think the Tavern environment really opens up the doors for all types of avenues to explore. I appreciate the feedback!

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