The Linnorm Ice Throne

The Linnorm Ice Throne is a magical artifact for the Pathfinder Roleplaying System and written as part of the Winter is Coming Blog Festival. The throne can be dropped into a campaign for use with a nemesis in the cold lands of the north or it can be used to bring winter to any region you wish during any season!

The Linnorm Ice Throne

Aura: Strong Abjuration, Evocation and Transmutation      CL: 20th
Slot: None                                                                            Weight: 1900 lbs


A towering throne of graying ice with a harsh contrast between a smooth seating area and the jagged ice crystals surrounding it the Linnorm Ice Throne make a commanding presence. The light plays off the crystal-like cold throne in a glittering play of reflection.

The throne’s back stands nearly eight feet tall, the likeness of a great linnorm is carved from the ice, weaving about the back culminating in a vicious serpent head with ice fangs bared arched over any who would sit in the throne. Large, smooth arm rests sit to either side of a nearly three feat side seat, with four short pillars of ice forming the legs of the throne.

There is some mystery as to history of the Linnorm Ice Throne, the most common story one of an archmage of ancient times having crafted it in a lost ice citadel to the north. Driven by his desire to command the prevalent linnorms of the frozen north the Linnorm Ice Throne came into being.  The throne is said to be fused with the blood of an ice linnorm that still flows within the throne itself and provides the throne with its power.


The Linnorm Ice Throne holds several powers to help the person that currently controls the throne maintain their rule.

Control Weather (Winter): The throne has the power to permanently control the weather in the two mile radius. The throne prefers a brutally cold climate and will manifest winter weather in any region it is moved to. The weather created by the throne are near blizzard-like conditions.

Endure Elements: Upon any person seated in the throne it will place an endure elements spell upon the person to allow them to easily withstand the frozen surroundings the throne surrounds itself with. The throne owner must return to the throne every 24 hours to have this effect renewed.

Cold Ice Strike: The person seated on the throne can use a command word to cause the linnorm carved into the ice of the throne to spel forth a flurry of ice slivers as described in the Cold Ice Strike spell. This can be done three times per day and acts as 15th level caster.

Icy Prison, Mass: The person seated on the throne can use a command word to cause the throne to cast Mass Icy Prison as a 15th level caster.

Mage’s Private Sanctum: The throne is always treated as if centered within a casting of Mage’s Private Sanctum (450′ Cube).


Destroying the Linnorm Ice Throne is quite difficult due to its controlling effects of weather. One must have a Fire Giant that can withstand the effects of the cold the throne produces smash it upon an anvil with a magical hammer of fire and then immediately have the pieces of the throne ingested by a great red dragon. Failure to immediately have the pieces consumed will find the throne reassembling itself.

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