Iron Tavern Contest Winners

The One Year Anniversary Contest ended last night at 9pm Eastern. I want to thank all that entered, either by posting a comment here on the blog, mentioning The Iron Tavern on Twitter, adding us on Google+, or adding us to your blog roll. I spent this morning updating my list of entries with any of the last minute entrants.

With my final list of entries in hand, I randomized the entries in Excel and rolled twice at The first roll was for the first place prize, a $15 gift certificate to either RPG Now or and the second roll for the second place prize, a $10 gift certificate to either RPG Now or

And our winners areā€¦

First Place – $15 Gift Certificate to RPG Now or

  • Jconnell26 from his Twitter Entry

Second Place – $10 Gift Certificate to RPG Now or

  • Saroe from a blog comment

I will be contacting the winners via email shortly for them to choose their choice of prize.

Thanks again everyone for participating in the contest. I look forward to another year of blogging at The Iron Tavern!

One thought on “Iron Tavern Contest Winners

  1. Well in all the excitement I forgot to Thank for picking me.

    Oh, and Jeffrey too. Although flashing his money around here in the Tavern might draw some attention from the less savory patrons of The Iron Tavern. Although come to think of it, that’s pretty much the entire clientele. Yeah. He’s toast.

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