Traps for DCC RPG

photo courtesy Christian Haugen

I have been going through some of my writing folders and finding some of the gems that have yet to see print.

Today it is a series of traps I wrote up to go along with the Critical Hit Trap Table I wrote back in early August. I actually have cleaned that table up a bit since its original publishing, I will post that update in the near future.

The traps below all use Attack rolls, making them perfect candidates for use with the critical hit trap table!

The Traps

Spiked Step: A pressure plate is engineered on a step (find / disable trap DC 15) on a flight of stairs, when depressed multiple spikes punch horizontally outwards (Atk +4, dmg 1d6) from the step behind the person’s leg.

Pit Trap, Spiked: A 10′ pit is concealed with a faux stone cover (find / disable trap DC 12). PCs that do not find the trap must make a DC 12 Reflex save or fall into the trap for 1d6 damage. The pit has numerous spikes at the bottom. 1d4 spikes could impale the falling character (Atk +3, dmg 1d4 per spike).

Poison Needle Lock: An intricate lock (pick lock, DC 16) that is also protected by a poisoned needle (find / disable trap DC 13). A failed pick lock or disable trap check will trigger the needle (Atk +6, dmg 1d4 plus poison: DC 14 Fort save or -1d4 Stamina).

Scythe Hall: Four slender scythe blades are recessed in the ceiling of this hall in 5′ intervals (find DC 20). A portion of the floor under the fourth scythe is weighted in a manner to cause all four scythes to swing downwards at the same time (find / disable trap DC 18). Failure to find the trap or disable it triggers the trap, each scythe targeting the character in that square (Atk +8, dmg 1d12)

Falling Block: A large stone block is rigged above the doorway of a closed door. Opening the door without finding the hidden lever (find / disable DC 15) triggers the trap. The large block falls from the ceiling potentially crushing the character opening the door (Atk +15, dmg 4d6).

Poison Arrow Trap, Repeating: Failure to find or disable (find / disable DC 16) this trap results in one arrow being fired every round for 6 rounds. (Atk +6, additional +4 if standing in doorway, dmg 1d6 plus poison: DC 13 Fort Save or -1d3 Stamina)