Random Table: Ale Names

Beer Mug FoamFor this week’s random table we have 20 different ale names! Taverns are one of the favorite places for adventurers to seek out anytime they come to town. What better place to meet the locals and get the feel for what is happening in the newly arrived town.

Instead of selling your characters just another ale, roll a d20 and you can be serving them an ale with a name! No more buying a nameless ale, now your players can buy a Flying Rat Ale or a Twisted Trail Lager!

Have suggestions for next week’s table? Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments of this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Ale Name
1 Skullcrusher’s Ale
2 Overlook Brew
3 Roc Stout
4 Brook Stout
5 Gold Hook Pilsner
6 Runemaster’s Lager
7 Skanzi’s Stout
8 Ironcrag Lager
9 Flying Rat Ale
10 White Root Ale
11 Spinster’s Pilsner
12 Dwarven Gutbuster Ale
13 Twisted Trail Lager
14 Brown Falcon Ale
15 Amber Sky Ale
16 Hobgoblin Stout
17 Rolling Boulder Lager
18 Black Alley Ale
19 Well Springs Pilsner
20 Castle Stone Stout


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