Random Table: Ship Names

Art - Johnny Automatic

Art – Johnny Automatic

This week’s random table is a list of ship names. This is certainly not the first random table of ship names or even the biggest. But the ship names here should all drop easily into a campaign. So the next time your characters are looking for passage or simply strolling along the docks, you have some handy ship names at hand!

Roll a d20 on the below table and the ship in the harbor has a name!

Have suggestions for next week’s table? Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments of this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Ship Name
1 Wolf of the Waters
2 The Swimming Rat
3 The Oaken Cask
4 The Shimmering Sea
5 Green Emerald
6 The Three Mistresses
7 The Lillian McKursky
8 Angel’s Asylum
9 The Twilight Star
10 Fawnra’s Pride
11 The Plying Pauper
12 The Two-Hearted Mermaid
13 Wayward Siren
14 The Lucky Albatross
15 The Whispering Sail
16 Adelaide
17 The Tempest Tempter
18 The Trinity
19 Silver Sea Spider
20 The Raging Prophet


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