Upcoming Swords & Wizardry Day

SW-Appr-Day-LogoErik Tenkar over at Tenkar’s Tavern recently ran an appreciation day for the Basic Fantasy RPG. That event was quite successful and he has now organized a Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day on April 17th.

What is an appreciation day? First he signs up a number of bloggers, 127 at last count, to blog about something related to the Swords and Wizardry RPG. This could be new content, new random tables, new creatures, magic items, or even just commentary on the S&W system. In either case, there is going to be lots of buzz on S&W this coming up Wednesday!

The Iron Tavern will be participating, though I have not decided what my post will be about just yet. I suspect it will be more of a commentary based article or maybe I will whip up a quick game with the kids and report on how that went with them. Something with a S&W focus will be posted here on Wednesday.

There are a number of prizes being thrown into the gift pool for participating blogs as well. RPGNow gift certifications, Moleskin Maps from Matt Jackson, and more.

In addition Frog God Games will be running a 25% off sale at their own online store and over at d20PFSRD.com. Codes will be released during the appreciation day. If reading all of the blogs and learning more about the S&W system, Frog God Games will be helping out with that special pricing.

Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day looks to be a good time! Do not miss it!