New DCC RPG Limited Edition Cover

easley-DCC-coverLooks like Goodman Games is releasing another limited edition cover for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. This one has the art of Jeff Easley gracing the front. The cover appears to depict some demon-hoof-ogre-giant-like beast on the front clutching a woman in one hand while menacing another adventurer on a magical floating disk. Yep! This is Dungeon Crawl Classics!

This is the 4th cover for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rulebook. The first was the gold foil cover, then the “normal” cover, and the “wizard” cover by Doug Kovacs. Cool stuff!

It is $59.99 for the pre-order and pre-orders will also receive a copy of Stefan Poag’s Classic Dungeon Crawl Art Folio.

It also looks like at least a couple of new modules have shown up on their coming soon page. Both lower level adventures with Fate’s Fell Hand, a 2nd level adventure, and Frozen in Time, a 1st level adventure. And I do believe that is a robot I see on the cover of Frozen in Time.

Frozen in Time Cover

6 thoughts on “New DCC RPG Limited Edition Cover

    • The purplish tones from the sky I think are sort of cool. Though I really like the LE covers, I have refrained from picking any of them up so far.

      My local group stopped playing DCC RPG and the rest of my DCC RPG playing is online, so my need for more than one or two physical books is diminished.

  1. The cover’s fine. I just don’t understand the point. 3 limited edition covers in a year seems excessive.

  2. And probably a 2nd edition or ‘Advanced’ in 1 or 2 years. I’m happy about the adventures but I think I’d rather see a digest sized trio of booklets – Player, Judge and Magic, or something similar for more ease of use around the table

  3. Already have the skull cover, which presents more like a deluxe version. I’m told the groovy wizard cover has errata or corrections. I don’t play DCC enough to warrant getting another copy (errata or not), even if I like Easley art (and I think this cover isn’t as evocative as some of his other stuff). I picked the initial book up mostly as a curiosity and for inspiration.

    Having only skimmed some initial playtest a while back, the tome (and it is a tome) is far heftier than I expected. Now a box set with smaller books would scratch the box set itch I’ve had as of late.

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