Random Table: Shield Coat of Arms

Shield Coat of ArmsIt is Thursday again at The Iron Tavern, which means another random table! This week I focused on coat of arms for shields. I purposefully left the shape and size of shield out of the description and focused on the actual coat of arms. The ideas below could be used when you need to spruce up a description or even as seeds for ideas about a particular NPC.

The Iron Tavern welcomes suggestions for next week’s random table. If you have suggestions for next week’s table feel free to leave a comment to this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Shield Coat of Arms
1 a field of stars over the ocean with high waves
2 black tower on a forest green background
3 The head of a great elk on a pale gold background
4 a brown lute across a light green background
5 crossed silver hammer and axe on a black background
6 a three headed crow sitting on a limb of a leafless tree
7 a solid scarlet line runs down the left side against a gray background, a long spear and helmet grace the right side
8 the head of a roaring red dragon painted against a silver background
9 a silver skull with two crossed great axes on a black background
10 foaming tankard of ale on a tan background
11 a purple worm breaking up through a pile of rocks on a black background
12 broadly painted blue lines cross the shield, one on the far right and one across the top, a script letter ‘S’ is in the lower left quadrant
13 a wolf howling skyward on a rocky outcropping
14 a gold crown on a black background, the shield rimmed in gold
15 two broad black diagonal stripes with a silver key intersecting them on a white background
16 A black serpent coiled around a polearm against a yellow background
17 A tall oak tree set against a light blue background
18 a knight with lance on a white charger on a purple background
19 A pair of crossed arrows burned into the wood of the shield
20 a hilt up two-handed sword against a red background


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