Random Table: Tavern Names

image by nicubunu

image by nicubunu

I was running short of time this week when I wrote up this week’s random table. Due to that I went with something easy, Tavern Names! These names are ready to be used on the fly or during your session prep to breathe a little life into the next tavern your PCs step into.

The Iron Tavern welcomes suggestions for next week’s random table. If you have suggestions for next week’s table feel free to leave a comment to this post or over on Google+!


Roll (d20) Tavern Names
1 Plate and Mug Tavern
2 The Rusty Bucket
3 Whistler’s Pourhouse
4 The Fallen Phoenix
5 The Smokey Alehouse
6 Tolenka’s Taphouse
7 Fading Fast Tavern
8 The Singing Siren
9 The Silver Tankard
10 The Weeping Mermaid
11 Rose’s Taphouse
12 Firehouse Ales
13 Broken Mug Pourhouse
14 Red Griffon Taproom
15 Broken Keg’s Tavern
16 Flying Albatross Alehouse
17 Brannon’s
18 Fat Sylvernia’s
19 Purple Dragon Pub
20 One Legged Ogre


One thought on “Random Table: Tavern Names

  1. Several that I have used in game. If you want, I have full descriptions complete with NPCs for both of them

    Mugs and Mead Tavern

    The Eagles Nest

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