DCC RPG Podcast: Spellburn

SpellburnFor the past several weeks I have been working on a “secret project”. The time has come that I can reveal what I have been working on, a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG podcast called Spellburn!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jim Wampler, the art director for Gygax Magazine and a Save or Die podcast host. He asked if I was interested in a trial run as a podcast host. My DCC RPG articles here at the Iron Tavern and G+ activity had identified me as someone excited about DCC RPG. The other partner in this was Jobe Bittman. Jobe’s name keeps popping up in various RPG circles, one of the more recent times for his winning of the Mystery Map competition Goodman Games held last year.

Jim and Jobe already had a solid framework in place. They had a website up and running and arranged to have us under the fold of Wild Games Productions. I readily accepted the offer of a trial run and a few days later we were recording the pilot episode of Spellburn. We had a great time and we seemed to gel together as a trio of hosts quite well.

With the first episode in the can, I earned a place as a host on the podcast! The first episode is currently available from the website and will be available from iTunes as soon as it is approved. Be sure to check out the site as we continue forward. We also have a forum over at osrgaming.org. The second episode has been recorded and will be released soon.

I am looking forward to working with Jim and Jobe as the podcast continues! If you are a fan of DCC RPG or old school gaming in general, be sure to check out an episode.