The Hive Now Available

The Hive, written by Dustin Clark, is the second release in the Pocket-Sized Encounter line and is available at RPGNow and

Lord Oakensun was fascinated by insects, spending hours cataloging and classifying his collection. Discontent led the man to experiment with forces he did not fully comprehend. Now farms outside the village have been found abandoned. Lord Oakensun’s daughter is missing, last seen near rocky hills a short distance away. A local thief reports his partner was snatched away in the dark amidst sounds of buzzing and chittering. Has Lord Oakensun’s experiment gone wrong? What is behind the rash of disappearances from the village?

PSE2 The Hive

A Pocket-Sized Encounter compatible with the Swords & Wizardry rules system for 4th to 6th level characters.

Pocket-Sized Encounters are designed to drop into an existing campaign with ease. Several adventure seeds are included and a Where To From Here section if you want to expand the scenario beyond what is written. The Hive also includes a set of new monsters and a new magic item.

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