The Players Speak: KpNooney-Claus

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Today’s post is part of an in-between DCC RPG Actual Play session postings to provide a little more insight into the cast of characters and players that make up the campaign.

Aaron plays KpNooney and Baptist in the actual play podcast. He joined the group a couple of weeks after the campaign started with a trio of funnel characters. Baptist was the survivor, though today Aaron writes about Kpnooney – the boom canon wizard!

KpNooney-Claus’s (the K and P are silent) Backstory

KpNooney was a share-cropping wheat farmer struggling to make ends meet, but he had a happy life. He enjoyed his work, had many friends and was married to a young woman that he adored. One fateful night, in the midst of a nasty violent rain storm his wife ,Haxinflaxin, went into labor. KpNooney was thrilled for the birth of their first child, twins actually. But the gods had other plans. A small chunk of meteor crashed through the thatched roof of the humble shack, killing Haxinflaxin and the twins instantly and setting off a fire that burned everything KpNooney-Klaus owned to ash.

This event lead the humble wheat farmer into a vicious spiral of depression, alcohol abuse and rage, alienating him from all his friends and family. KpNooney soon left the farm to wander aimlessly, angry at the universe. A chance encounter with a group of adventurers gave focus and direction to the would-be wizard.

“Those guys saved my life” – KpNooney-Clause

He quickly became enamored with the powerful dark wizard Meffridus, whose methods and madness struck a chord with the disenchanted, morose KpNooney-Claus. The cannibal thief Baptist Inklings, seeing the vulnerability of this young recruit, led KpNooney down the dark path of Malotoch, the carrion crow-Goddess.

“At first the kid was just along for the ride, he was like a lost puppy so we let him tag along. But he learned Magic Missile and now we rely on him when we get in a tight spot.” – Baptist

KpNooney found in the adventuring party a reason to live, a purpose and friendship. He is usually quiet and reserved, being a wizard of few words but real handy in a scrap. KpNooney-Clause believes that his two greatest achievements were venturing into the realm of the dead to bring back his mentor, idol and dear friend Meffridus (and that weird fella who thinks he’s a pirate, what’s his name….Gonlex the Hero Bard of Slither’s End) and spell-duelling to death the High Priestess of Mani when the group, successfully, took control of the Mani Temple in the Great CIty

One day KpNooney hopes to be as great a wizard as Meffridus and to have enough power to sacrifice his life saving “Satan’s Glee Club” from certain death..

The Players Speak: Patrice and Dandelion

DCC RPG Rulebook Cover w-HeadphonesToday’s post is part of an in-between DCC RPG Actual Play session postings to provide a little more insight into the cast of characters and players that make up the campaign.

Kelly started out from the funnel days of the campaign with his characters described below. His characters make cameo appearances since he has returned to school during his breaks. Patrice and Dandelion make for an interesting lense to view this rather chaotic party from.

Kelly’s Characters

Jeffrey’s DCC Campaign was the second time I had played DCC RPG. I was introduced to Matt (Meffridus) through DCC and thus several of his friends including Aaron (Baptist), who I now game with regularly over Google Hangouts.

My three zero-levels were Patrice (Confidence Artist), Dandelion (Elven Chandler) and Delbert (Potato Farmer).  Delbert was by far my favorite, based on his ability scores alone. The others were to be my ‘throwaways” protecting my buff soon-to-be fighter.  Still, the DCC concept of the funnel made me build personalities for these lame ducks.  Delbert was just a dimwit. Gullible and sort of a ‘gentle giant’ type. Patrice I played like a reluctant adventurer. He was NOT used to doing things himself, rather tricking people to doing things for him. Dandelion I played like a teenage mall employee. I gave fantasy inspired scents to her special items (20 candles). She was pretty much disgusted by everything we encountered and tried giving Baptist mud facials and telling people they were ‘autumns’ and such.

Well, Delbert died. A victim of friendly missile fire (did I mention never fire into a melee?). I played the other two very conservatively, and grew a good HEALTHY fear of magic of most types. Both survived the funnel and Jeffrey allowed me to continue playing both characters.  I play Patrice as the classic adventuring thief now: Checking traps, backstabbing, etc. and he’s good at it. Baptist and he make a good working pair, we always have somebody finding the secrets Jeffrey has put in our path.

I play Dandelion as a support mage. None of her spells are damaging really (some could damage, if I roll right, but she is much better at boosting or assisting others and that’s fine). She’s saving up to buy a spa or salon and never cast another spell again, as far as she is concerned. Finding how to fit in a group that goes through casters and fighters pretty regularly, that is lead by a power hungry wizard and has a cannibalistic thief watching your back (and immediately devouring any fallen comrade) can be difficult. I like to think my characters bring an ounce of stability to the group. Patrice is all business, he avoids patrons like the plague (as he’s watched his partners grow roots, boils, and worse).

Memorable Moment

One of the most memorable moments for me was when we were investigating an odd swamp community within the Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk and Patrice had gone into an enemy stronghold to snoop around. I had made all my sneak checks and such and was going to support from the opposite side when Meffridus decided to Spellburn all his stats in order to increase a spell’s result to a massive, building devouring earthquake that pretty much swallowed the keep and everything inside it. Jeffrey had me make several reflex saves. I made each one (with a little luck) and survived by the skin of my teeth.


I’ve returned to school to complete a degree and have had to drop out of the game, but I come back for cameo sessions. In the time I’ve been gone another friend Adam (Jargon) who plays in my Dungeonslayers game on Hangouts (along with Matt and others), has joined.  In my most recent return, Dandelion is pregnant. A festive and drunken night in the Great City with Patrice led to a bun in the oven. Patrice, not wanting to be tied down, has tricked Dande into believing the pregnancy was virgin birth, divine gift from her patron the King of Elfland.  They were both recently sucked back into the group and are experiencing a Planetary Romance type sci-fi adventure not unlike John Carter’s. I hope the arc finishes before I go back to school in February, and look forward to returning full time to “Satan’s Glee Club” in the spring!

Episode 2: Mission Impossible

dcc_rpg_cover_small‘Mission Impossible’ is the second episode of a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG actual play podcast. Additional information can be found at

Session Synopsis

This week the chaotic adventurer’s interrogate the kidnapped wizard Izdrell prior to meeting Captain Rhak from the city watch regarding the winged ape-man attack in the city streets earlier in the day. With a possible deal struck the group makes preparations to assault the everchanging wizard’s tower in the northern ward of the Great City…

Note: As is prone to online play there was a slight technical issues with one player’s audio during the first 20 minutes of the episode.

Download Link:


Intro and outro music is ‘Wrecking Ball’ from 137 from

Episode 1: ‘Flying What?’

dcc_rpg_cover_smallFlying What?’ is the pilot episode of a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG actual play podcast. Additional information can be found at

Session Synopsis

With the Great City’s only accessible crafting wizard’s shop under the chaotic adventurer’s control they seek to decipher the now paralyzed wizard’s ledgers before the poisons fade from his body. In addition they must determine what to do with the two strangers seeking to retrieve a newly enchanted sword from the wizard’s shop. And there is the small matter of the sacrifices needed by the next full moon for Mani’s temple that has come under the adventurer’s control…


Intro and outro music is ‘Wrecking Ball’ from 137 from