Random Table: Treasure Chests

Old Treasure ChestLast week I kicked off my random table experiment with a random table of odors one might smell in the dungeon. Some folks noted the table could be used in other situations as well – odors in town, NPC smells, and such. There are several uses for the dungeon odor table during your game session or during prep.

This week I post a table of treasure chest descriptions. These can be used on the fly if your players start asking for more details about a treasure chest they have found. Or you can use them during session prep to spark some ideas of your own. Just what would be in a metal, perforated treasure chest?

Have suggestions for next week’s table? Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments of this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Treasure Chest Description
1 wood, appears to have suffered water damage, some warping, though chest still appears functional
2 dark, lacquered wood, iron bound corners
3 copper, stained green, reinforced wooden corners
4 made of cedar wood, the smell of cedar still emanates from the chest
5 light colored maple wood, carvings of leaves and twisting vines on each side
6 sides and lid made of thick vines woven together, flexible vines form the hinges
7 steel fabrication, embossed with gold leafing, two oversized hinges and two padlocks on the front
8 carved from a block of stone, even the hinges are crafted of stone, covered in various geometric patterns
9 wooden chest of thick planking, painted all white
10 scorched oak wood, rusted iron-plated corners, with oversized padlock
11 metal construction, coated in quartz for a “glittery” effect, corners reinforced with painted white metal plates
12 entire chest is fabricated of perforated metal
13 sides and lid made of black marble with white swirls, appears without seams
14 crafted entirely of obsidian the sides are melded together at the corners, silver trim along each edge
15 wooden chest, painted red and edged in painted black iron corner pieces
16 crafted of iron, turned rust red with age and moisture, three hinges on the back with a single large latch on the front
17 crafted of oak, trapezoidal in shape with blocks making chest legs
18 made of reinforced glass, tinted to obscure the contents
19 steel box, one corner and lid significantly dented in
20 dark wooden lid appears mismatched to a lighter chest proper, steel banding does not match, intricate lock