Random Table: Treasure Items

Treasure HoardThis week’s random table is a list of random mundane treasures. There are lots of random tables for magic weapons and magic items, but sometimes you just need a little something to spice up some treasure the party has just found without resorting to magical items.

Now when the party finds some small amount of treasure on their most recent conquest you can roll up something with a little flavor. The trinkets and otherwise mundane items can make those smaller treasure amounts more fun than just “a pouch full of 9 gold coins, six silver coins, and lint”.

The table below lists a short description of the item and the approximate gold value in parentheses.

Have suggestions for next week’s table? Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments of this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Ale Name
1 wooden and cloth doll, small gems for eyes (3gp)
2 silver ceremonial knife, dull edged (5gp)
3 small silver metal box, ornate designs of sun, moon, and stars (20gp)
4 pair of bone knitting needles (1gp)
5 rolled up painting, depicts woman walking in a field, artist initialed as ~GH~ (45gp)
6 steel tankard engraved with warhammer and mine entrance (9gp)
7 oversized gold coin from ancient civilization, depicts large, pillared structure on one side, long haired, bearded man on the other (25gp)
8 Three six-sided dice, carved from stone and polished (12gp)
9 flask with gold embossing, intials SK engraved on one side (15gp)
10 belt buckle, with gold, roped trim, center carved in form of elk head (18gp)
11 bracelet, appears as if two snakes are entwined, one red, one blue (12gp)
12 small book, 100+ pages in length, fictional tale of a girl lost in the wild, author – Sakmir Arlondo (3gp)
13 pen with ink vial, pen is carved of a rare wood with intricate carvings (5gp)
14 mummified wolf paw (4gp)
15 gold rimmed monocle (20gp)
16 baby rattle, made of hollowed bone, textured pattern (2gp)
17 vial of deep red ink, hint of glittery material in the ink (6gp)
18 gold hooped earring with small silver chain with red ruby clutched in a claw (9gp)
19 spice shaker, thick glass with silver top, contains salt now (3gp)
20 silk scarf, embroidered in a silver thread (4gp)