Map: Bloodrock Canyon

I drew this map a weekend or two ago. I started experimenting with a chasm effect, this particular one has a river winding through the bottom of it. Either side of the chasm has a series of caves winding their way through the rock.

The map was drawn on graph-lined copy paper and then scanned. After I scanned it I did some work in Gimp and Inkscape to clean things up and add a background. I have finally gone on the hunt for some more background patterns, which I think turned out well. I also added a graph to the map. I know some like their maps to have the graph lines on it. I do like the look of it with the graph lines included.

For those that would like to use this map, but prefer it without the grid, you can download a gridless copy as well.

Blood Rock Canyon

Bloodrock Canyon

Nestled in a remote mountain range the Arinizak River winds down from the mountains passing through this chasm. Hunters venturing this far into the mountains call this area Bloodrock Canyon.

Decades ago a single tribe of kobolds made this area their home. The Bloodrock Kobolds utilized both sides of the chasm, using rope ladders and small rafts to cross the river and scale the walls to the caves perched in the canyon walls.

Thirteen years ago the Chieftain Kyro Bloodrock’s son was found murdered in his living area.  The Chieftain Kyro suspected the Redskull family, also members of the tribe for this act. He claims it a power play to take over control of the entire tribe.

An intra-clan feud escalated under these accusations leading to bloodshed amongst the clan. The Redskull kobolds retreated to the western side of the canyon, slaughtering any Bloodrock kobold who did not leave the western caves, the Redskull kobolds soon controlled the western side, the Bloodrock kobolds the eastern side.

With a canyon separating the now two distinct clans, the feud did not end there. Both sides began constructing small wooden catapults. On a weekly basis one side or the other will initiate a launch of small rocks across the canyon towards the other. The rocks clattering against the far walls, on rare occasion actually inflicting a casualty.

Occasional skirmishes will break out along the river as one clan launches rafts to head downstream for foraging. These occur much less frequently as both sides seem more content to hurl rocks from one side of the canyon to the other than engaging in any form of actual melee combat.

This clan feud between the kobolds seems set to continue on for decades more…

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