Random Table: Boot Descriptions

bootsThis week’s random table is a list of random boot descriptions. Use these descriptions to spice up your next set of Boots of Speed or Boots of Elvenkind or any other type of boot in that treasure stash. Or maybe you just want to add a little more description to the NPC the party meets at the local tavern. The following table has you covered!

Roll a d20 on the below table and a boot description awaits you!

Have suggestions for next week’s table? Feel free to leave some ideas in the comments of this post or over on Google+!

Roll (d20) Boot Descriptions
1 light brown leather, with black stitching
2 mid-calf leather boots, brown with black and red stitching depicting a phoenix on each boot
3 brown leather boots, oval “vents” along the sides, stitched in red thread
4 green and black reptile skinned boots, toes of boots have fangs engraved on them
5 suede boots, stained dark in several places, 3″ wedge heel
6 black leather, silver stitching forms crescent moon amidst many silver stars on the sides
7 reptile scaled skin boots, mid-calf length, very soft to touch
8 mid-calf boot, green upper with a pattern of leaves engraved in the uppers, mid-brown lower with thick sole
9 ankle high, dark red leather boots, thick, gold stitching, initialed DN
10 solid black boots, knee high with soft, supple leather
11 black leather boot, 1/2″ spikes protrude from various locations of the boot
12 heavy leather boots with six wide buckles, mid-calf
13 knee high boots, a pair of buckles secure them at the top, dark brown leather with black stitching
14 hobnailed boots, dark brown, ankle high, light brown stitching
15 boots border on tall moccasins, light brown suede leather, solid sole, a trio of white and black feathers hang from each boot strap
16 dark brown boots with metal rivets as trip along the edges and seams
17 over the ankle leather boots, leather woven together forming a “waffle” pattern
18 black and brown reptile skinned boots, an image of snake is depicted wrapping around the upper portion of the boot
19 gray leather boots with thick silver buckle across the ankle and smaller silver buckle at the top
20 mid-calf black boots with white fur lining them