Random Table: Goblet Descriptions

Goblet CrystalThis week’s table for Random Table Thursday brings us goblets! Goblets are everywhere – treasure hoards, at the local tavern, or at the King’s table. Today’s post includes 20 random goblet descriptions to liven up your descriptions. The King no longer drinks from a goblet, he drinks from a goblet of daggers!

As always The Iron Tavern welcome suggestions for next week’s random table. If you have suggestions for next week’s table feel free to leave a comment to this post or over on Google+!


Roll (d20) Goblet Description
1 crafted from smooth black and red marble, the thick stem rises to an oversized bowl
2 slender and smooth pewter colored base rising to thin crystal glass
3 crafted from intricately carved wood the goblet depicts a cluster of feathers forming the stem holding a bowl appearing as a nest of twigs and straw
4 pewter colored metal form the base and stem, giving way to a crystal glass bowl clutched by a trio of crow’s claws
5 crafted of white bone, possibly human, the stem appears as three femurs intertwined, topped by a bowl embossed with dozens of human skulls
6 made of a blue-toned metal, the stem rises to a bowl depicting a great sailing ship on heavy seas
7 made of a blue-toned metal, the stem rises to a bowl depicting a great sailing ship on heavy seas
8 dark metal comprises this goblet, the stem is fashioned to look liked a dozen daggers point up balancing the smooth bowl
9 made of polished silver, the goblet is devoid of any engravings save for the initials ‘LZM’ at the base of the stem
10 green tinged copper depicts two serpents entwined at the stem of the goblet, spiraling upwards to form a coiled bowl
11 the base material of this goblet is gold, though the entire vessel is covered with gems of a myriad of colors obscuring the underlying material
12 made of blown glass, the base and stem fade from an orange hue to a deep black bowl
13 made from resin covered woven fabric, this goblet stands 6″ in height
14 silver goblet with wide bowl engraved with a repeating series of triangular shapes
15 crafted from a ram’s horn, the goblet follows the natural curve of the horn with white and black marbling
16 a thin skeletal hand rises as the stem, grasping an ivory bowl with carvings of carrion birds circling it
17 stem of goblet carved to look like a wolf howling upwards, bowl balanced on wolf’s open maw
18 faded to time, dulled gold forms the goblet, a series of rubies circle the center of the bowl, two of which are chipped
19 a wide base moves up into a slender stem and barely expanding bowl, made of polished purple-hued crystal, a silver band covers the lip of the bowl
20 a black metal forms the bulk of the goblet with a gold elk on either side of the oversized bowl