Map: Old School Blues

It is Thursday! Time for a random table! Er, well – today I am posting up a map instead. I have a few more weeks worth of random tables planned, but today I am taking a break and posting up a map. It has been several weeks since I have done a map post.

All of the maps I have posted here (and over at G+) have been hand-drawn maps, typically caves and other underground structures. I have been doing several map commissions recently which have been a lot fun. And I have also done a few tavern-style maps which has been an interesting twist from the typical cave or dungeon look I have been doing.

Today I branch out a little bit and worked up a map in Gimp in “old school blue” style.

I find these blue-style maps sort of interesting. I mean really, they are pretty simple. Many of the hand drawn maps I have been doing include much more interesting terrain features than one would find in some of these “old school blue” maps. The nostalgic chord these “old school blue” maps strike is pretty deep though. Something about them just conjures up memories of many a long night spent delving into the depths of the unknown.

This map has been left unnumbered and I have not populated it with anything. Let your imagination roam with this one!

This map is free for personal use and released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA.

Shrine of Srisatha

D&D Old School Blue Map

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  1. Any way you could post a tutorial on how to do these old-school-blue style maps in GIMP? That’d be awesome.

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