Appendix N Kickstarter

On Saturday part of my Appendix N Kickstarter arrived in the mail. The printed version of Ruins of Ramat.

Just last week I was singing the praises of the Dwarven Forge kickstarter for delivering on time, providing some extra customer service along the way and being at the top of the chart for Kickstarters I have backed. Appendix N is a little different.

Appendix N was a Kickstarter from Brave Halfling Publishing that raised $18k+ for a short series of adventures for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. The prime price point for the kickstarter was $20, which by the end was supposed to get you four adventures (I think, in all honesty, I have sort of lost track) in PDF and in printed form. That’s right – printed form. This Kickstarter was very popular with the DCC RPG crowd. Estimated delivery for all of this was July 2012.

Suffice to say, here it is October 2013 and I’ve received the first print copy of the adventure line. John Adams, the gentleman behind Brave Halfling Publishing has had a pretty rough year with a variety of maladies on the personal front delaying things. In my opinion he has been pretty up front with his communication about these things.

So while this Kickstarter is probably the latest one I have been a patron of, I still can’t call this one a failure really. In fact, this is more like what I thought being a patron was all about. Throwing some money to a small publisher to get out a product they thought was cool. I tend to go into my Kickstarters expecting delays.

In the case of this Kickstarter, I’ve received all four PDFs of the promised adventures long ago. In fact I’ve run at least one of them and read through the others. So while the print copies may not have reached my hands, I’ve had access to the material to run them. I think that is one of the things that has kept me very patient on this Kickstarter – the fact I’ve had electronic access to the adventures and have only been waiting on the hard copies to arrive.

But – the reason for this post. Ruins of Ramat in print form has arrived! Here is what was included in the package:

  • The Ruins of Ramat (in both 0-level and 3rd level form)
  • Inspirational Module Map (printed inside the cover)
  • Set of six illustrated player handouts, on card stock material
  • The Green Orb add-on adventure, with map on card stock
  • The Gifts of the Only add-on adventure

The product is pretty sweet. A small adventure with an awesome map and art to go with it. Quality handouts. And two mini-adventures to go along. The product itself is of great quality, I’d almost call it boutique quality.

Below are pictures of what I received. I have obscured the map just a bit, as I am not comfortable revealing the whole map in a public environment.