Whisper & Venom Map Arrival

On Saturday this past weekend the postman brought my poster-sized map from the Whisper & Venom Kickstarter over the summer. Checking the Kickstarter updates it seemed my penchant for skimming such things was my downfall as it was clearly announced they were beginning fulfillment for the poster maps!

I love maps, but typically I don’t go in for large maps as they just end up rolled or folded up rarely seeing the light of day. I made an exception this time because of course, Alyssa Faden! Her maps are awesome. More like art  than maps! Second, with Whisper & Venom being more of a boutique product (and knowing Zach’s attention to detail), I thought this map would be either a great candidate for hanging at work or the den once I get that sorted out. I was not disappointed.

So whether a fan of Whisper & Vendom or Alyssa Faden, here are some pictures of the map.

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