Whisper & Venom Unboxing

Lesser Gnome Games ran a Kickstarter earlier this year for what they called a boutique adventure box set. The boxed set was to include lots of minis to go with it, an adventure written with the OSR community in mind (though a conversion to Pathfinder is forthcoming in the Spring), dice, poster maps, etc – all in a box!

I interviewed Zach Glazar, the man behind the project, here at The Iron Tavern. I also posted the unrolling pics of the signed poster map back in November.

Earlier this week the rest of my Kickstarter arrived. A carefully bubble wrapped boxed set that was graced with awesome artwork from Jeff Dee on the front and packed full of gaming goodness.

Before we move to the unboxing pics (and there are lots of them!), I just want to say this was probably the best run Kickstarter (right up there with the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter) I have participated in yet. I’ve actually had a good run with Kickstarter and not had the bad experiences that many others have had. I am fairly picky in choosing what I wish to back and that has paid off. Lesser Gnome Games delivered well within the time frame they said they would and everything was included with the product they said would be included. Given this was a print product including a box to hold it all – I found this quite impressive. Communication during the project was phenomenal and the product actually exceeded my expectations.

I rarely rush to show my wife the cool things I received today in the mail from Kickstarters, Lulu deals, and such. But this time once I finished the pics I took it to her to show her how cool the set was. Definitely an impressive product from Lesser Gnome Games and I am glad I was in on the Kickstarter.

I hope you enjoy the unboxing pics!

2 thoughts on “Whisper & Venom Unboxing

  1. A very nice boxset. It remebers me the old boxes from TSR of Mystara or Forgotten Realms settings. It’s a universal campaign or it needs a particular ruleset (S&W, Pathfinder, AD&D)?

    • The set is very impressive! Very high quality for the whole product.

      The set is easily adaptable to a variety of rule systems, though geared initially for OSR systems with Labyrinth Lord being highlighted. Easy conversion to S&W or OSRIC, AD&D, etc.

      A Pathfinder adaptation is coming in the spring of 2014 – I think that is the date.

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