What is Iron Tavern Press?

Iron Tavern Press Teasers

During the previous few weeks I have slowly been dropping teasers for one of my 2014 projects – Iron Tavern Press. First the Iron Tavern Press ads you might have seen popping up here, in your social media streams, and even over at d20swsrd.com. Then there was last week’s blog post about Pocket-Sized Encounters explaining a little more about that product line. This week we look at Iron Tavern Press itself!

Iron Tavern Press LogoWhat is Iron Tavern Press?

Iron Tavern Press is a venture I have wanted to try out for a while. Over the years I have read a lot of advice about RPG publishing and I’ve also experimented with several different aspects of the RPG world – some public and some not so public. 2014 is the year I bring Iron Tavern Press to life.

The initial product offering is the Pocket-Sized Encounter line which I’ve described previously. I have several products in this line already lined up and they will be releasing on a semi-regular basis over the course of the next several months. Pocket-Sized Encounters are something that would handily fill a niche in my own gaming and campaigns. Shorter scenarios that can be run in single session or dropped into an existing campaign as an option without derailing the whole campaign.

While Pocket-Sized Encounters are the initial focus point for the launch of Iron Tavern Press – I do have some other products in mind as well. Some are one-offs and some are entire lines. Some are already in motion and others are waiting until the time is right (or perhaps more appropriately – for a gap in time!).

Keep an eye out for the first release from Iron Tavern Press coming later this month!

2 thoughts on “What is Iron Tavern Press?

  1. So, let’s hear some more about ITP. What system is going to be your baseline? What exciting projects are in the works? Are you going to be doing any DCC products? Etc.

    • Thanks for the questions Daniel!

      The initial Pocket-Sized Encounter releases are made to be Swords & Wizardry Compatible. Their early focus is on a “traditional” OSR system and I believe S&W makes it easy for conversion to Labyrinth Lord, OSRIC, or whatever your favorite flavor OSR system one might prefer.

      A couple of the PSEs would adapt quite nicely (and by that I mean overall feel) in DCC and may either get a full conversion to DCC or have an available supplement that does the conversion for folks. Future ones will likely be written with DCC specifically in mind in addition to the S&W series.

      ITP does plan to do some DCC releases outside of the PSE line – dabble in some of the areas that have not been touched on as much just yet by 3PPs. I have some ideas and progress made on some, but trying to keep focus on a successful PSE launch.

      I would also like to release a mini-campaign setting, almost more campaign region than full setting I suppose. Something for a GM/Judge to pickup and “color in” the spaces with their own ideas. That is an idea that has been percolating for awhile though, but something I may use ITP for.

      I definitely have lots of ideas for ITP. Some big – some small. The PSE line is just the product to help me get feet under it.

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