Pocket-Sized Encounters

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 What are Pocket-Sized Encounters?

Pocket-Sized Encounters are compatible with Swords & Wizardry and easily adaptable to other OSR systems or even your favorite modern fantasy RPG. They are written to fit into the shorter gaming session slots that are so prevalent today. Designed to be run with minimal preparation, this line of products can be run on a moment’s notice for when your party takes a turn in an unexpected direction.

Or maybe you want to provide additional depth for your campaign. You want to present the players with options and choices that help your campaign world come alive around them. But at the same time, you don’t want these other options to derail the main theme of your game. You need something that can be run in a single session. The Pocket-Sized Encounters line fills this niche.

Each Pocket-Sized Encounter provides possible Adventure Hooks you can use to integrate these encounters into your existing campaign. They also offer seeds for expanding what is presented in the Pocket-Sized Encounter into something spanning more than one session if you want to expand upon what is presented.

The Pocket-Sized Encounter line provides random treasure tables, new monsters, or new magic items that can be used with the encounter area or borrowed for your own campaign.

Pocket-Sized Encounters from Iron Tavern Press bring this to you in a digest sized PDF. This format makes for easy reading on your favorite tablet based device and easier to keep a library’s worth on-hand for those times you need something to run at the spur of the moment.

Keep an eye out for the first Pocket-Sized Encounter to be released later this month!

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