BareBone Fantasy RPG On-Air Tutorial

Barebones FantasyI have mentioned BareBones Fantasy a few times here at The Iron Tavern. The game is a “rules-lite” fantasy game that contains everything you need to start playing in one 80-ish page book.

My first experience with it has been quite fun. With that said there are a couple of things that take just a little bit to wrap your head around when you first get started. Two of the big things for me were how multi-actions played out and resistance checks to avoid taking damage and how that worked with multi-actions. Now that I have played it makes perfect sense and is really an elegant mechanic.

Larry Moore has posted a short actual play session online at YouTube to help cover some of these frequently asked questions about the game. The video specifically seeks to cover the following game rules

  • Multi-Actions
  • Initiative
  • Resistance Checks
  • DR
  • House Rules
  • Spells (Repel, Offensive Strike, Dispel

The video is worth a watch if you are curious about BareBones Fantasy RPG.